Is Prozac Endangering Crabs' Survival?

When we take medications, we sometimes excrete chemicals that get flushed into our oceans. In the case of fluoxetine (Prozac), those chemicals seem to be chilling crabs out -- which is bad for the crabs.

What's the Most Dangerous Air Pollution?

The most hazardous air pollution may be particles too tiny to see, but it also may be easily avoided. Learn what researchers have found in this episode of BrainStuff. 

How Can We Recycle More, and Smarter?

China has long bought waste plastic for recycling from North America and Europe, but their policies are changing. What can we do with a surplus of waste, and how can we make the situation better in the future?

Are We in an Insect Armageddon?

A recent study found that bug biomass has been steadily decreasing -- in some areas, we may only have 25% of the insects that we had 30 years ago. But what's to blame, and what could this mean for the future?