Climate Change

Sea Turtles Are Hatching Up to 99 Percent Female

A sea turtle's sex is determined by the temperatures in its hatching site, and global warming is making the Great Barrier Reef warmer than ever before. What could this mean for the future of sea turtles?

How Green Is Your Favorite Superhero?

To draw attention to the average citizen's carbon footprint, a team of researchers calculated the eco-rating of a number of superheroes. Learn how they rank in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Much Can Ice Tell Us About Climate Change?

Ice cores from glaciers are like fossils of ancient Earth's weather patterns. Tune in to learn how one such sample from Tibet may hold an important history lesson.

Do We Need to Redefine the Four Seasons?

As climate change affects the planet's weather patterns, some parts of the world will see the seasons bleed together. Tune in to learn how we define the seasons now, and how some researchers think that should change.

Why is the Caspian Sea Evaporating?

The largest lake in the world is gradually shrinking thanks to a changing climate, and beach towns could become landlocked.