Sea Turtles Are Hatching Up to 99 Percent Female

A sea turtle's sex is determined by the temperatures in its hatching site, and global warming is making the Great Barrier Reef warmer than ever before. What could this mean for the future of sea turtles?

How Do Astronauts React to Lunar Landing Conspiracy Theories?

Fringe theorists sometimes question whether the 1969 moon landing actually happened. In this episode of BrainStuff, we explore how astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have reacted when asked whether it's all a conspiracy.

Can Bats Jam Each Other's Sonar?

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What Tech Will Replace the Smartphone?

Although it's an integral part of many people's lives today, the smartphone is bound to be replaced by the next big thing (and probably sooner than later). We explore what (and when) that might be.

Did the Genes for Light Skin Colors Evolve in Europe?

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Why Are Teens Cyberbullying Themselves?

A new study indicates that some teens bully themselves online, posting hateful messages from fake or anonymous accounts. Researchers are looking into why, and how to help.

Could Some Microbes Live on Air Alone?

Researchers have found Antarctic microbes that appear to get all the nutrients they need from thin air. Could this change our search for extraterrestrial life?

How Similar Is the Opioid Epidemic to the Crack Epidemic?

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Why Are Resolutions So Easy to Break?

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Should Amazon Be Considered a Monopoly?

Although it doesn’t fall into our traditional definition of a monopoly, some researchers argue that Amazon’s scope calls for a new definition. Learn why in this episode.