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Great Archaic Ways To Insult Someone

Kim Jong-un called Donald Trump a dotard. Here are some equally entertaining out-of-date options the 45th president could've thrown back in his face.

Wolves Are Smarter Than Dogs?

A new study put dogs and wolves head to head in the intelligence department. Guess which species won? Find out on BrainStuff.

What can we learn about ourselves from epic space missions?

Now that Cassini has met its end by plunging into Saturn, it's time to reflect on what we've learned over the decades.

Less people are killed by lightning every year

In the 1940s and '50s, lightning strikes killed hundreds of Americans each year. Now, that number's dropped to only a few dozen. What's changed?

Why Do Balloons Stick To Our Hair?

It's a hair-raising experience. BrainStuff explains the secrets of static electricity.

Neanderthals Used Glue

Neanderthals distilled tar more than 100,000 years before modern humans created glue; archaeologists compared three potential ways this ancient tech was used.

Getting a Doctorate Can Affect Your Mental Health

A new study shows doctoral programs can incite some serious psychiatric problems. Learn how getting a Ph.D. affects mental health on BrainStuff.

Why is the Caspian Sea Evaporating?

The largest lake in the world is gradually shrinking thanks to a changing climate, and beach towns could become landlocked.

Which Computer Keys Wear Out First?

As casual computer users shift to touchscreens, wear patterns on computer keyboards have evolved, affecting suppliers of replacement letters.

Ruined City Under Tunisia's Waters

Archaeologists discovered what they believe to be ruins of the Roman city of Neapolis — underwater near Tunisia. Find out more on BrainStuff.