Could Earthly Lava Structures Help Us Colonize Space?

Tunnels made from lava flows in Hawaii and Iceland are being studied by researchers in fields from geology to astrobiology. Learn how these lava tubes could help us explore space and even find extraterrestrial life in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Bad Is Prison Food?

Serving inmates low-quality food is cheap in the short term, but it can lead all kinds of health problems that prisons (and taxpayers) pay for in the long run. Learn how cheap American prison food is and why that's a problem in this episode of BrainStuff.

Why Did Victorians Collect Hair?

In the mid-1800s, many people saved loved ones' hair -- but the collection of Peter A. Browne went much, much further than that. Learn why he thought it had scientific merit -- and why it actually does today -- in this episode of BrainStuff.

Should You Be Afraid of Wolf Spiders?

Short answer: Nope! Although wolf spiders may sound (and look) fearsome, they're excellent helpers around your house, getting rid of more bothersome pests. Learn about wolf spiders in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Did Jane Goodall Get Her Start(s)?

In July of 1960, 26-year-old Jane Goodall began setting up her field station at Gombe, which would become the site of the longest-running wildlife research project in history. Learn more about Jane Goodall's life and legacy in this episode of BrainStuff.

Are There Winners and Losers in a Trade War?

On May 10, 2019, the Trump administration increased tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports from 10 percent to 25 percent. But what does that mean for the global economy? Learn about trade wars in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Many Legs Do Millipedes Have?

Millipedes don't literally have a thousand legs, but how many do they really have? Learn about these fascinating arthropods in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Hazardous Is Peeing in the Pool?

Urinating in chlorinated swimming pools isn't just sorta gross -- it's actually a health hazard. Learn why in this episode of BrainStuff.

Can Galaxies Exist Without Dark Matter?

We previously thought that all galaxies form with the help of dark matter, but researchers just found a galaxy that doesn't seem to contain any. Learn why that's so weird and what it might mean in this episode of BrainStuff.

Why and How Are Documents Redacted?

Court and other government documents are often presented with redactions -- that is, with some text blacked out or otherwise made unreadable. Learn how this is done -- and why -- in today's episode of BrainStuff.