"Damn Fine Dog"

Many accuse the Iditarod of animal cruelty to dogs. But if the organization does its best to protect them is there a bigger problem? Find more on BrainStuff.

The Personalities of BrainStuff

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What Happened To "X-Rated" Movies?

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Funny: Giant Water Balloon in Slow Motion

We've all seen water balloons pop in slow motion. But what if the water balloon is six feet in diameter? Here's what happens:This leads to the obvious question: where do you get a balloon like that? Here is one place:Cloud Buster balloons[[[

How Spirulina works, and how to grow your own

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is supposed to have some amazing health effects when you eat it. It is sometimes referred to as Superfood when sold in a dried form. This article describes some of the potential benefits but also contains a word o ...

How Artificial Sweeteners Work - a look at saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, sugar alcohols and stevia

At many restaurants you find that container on the table - it holds little packets of sugar along with little packets of artificial sweeteners. And anyone who is on a diet is familiar with artificial sweeteners - they are a big part of the dieting sc ...

How Airplane Cabin Pressurization Works

Last week the world was treated to an unexpected spectacle - the sight of an airplane cabin with a big hole in it open to the sky. We can imagine that this spectacle was even more unexpected to people who were on the flight. If you saw photos or vide ...

Does Chlorine Bleach Ever Expire or Go Bad? Important in emergency situations

People typically use chlorine bleach for three different things:Especially in the third situation, this question is important: Does Chlorine Bleach Ever Expire or Go Bad? The answer is Yes, absolutely. If you are keeping chlorine bleach on hand for a ...

How to make olive oil

Most people come into contact with olives in one of three ways:But it seems odd - how can the fleshy olives found in dinners and drinks also produce oil? Here is the answer to that question:Watching that video, you can see the steps:Here is another v ...