5 Reasons Not To Get a Pet (Rocket) Raccoon

© martine oger/ThinkStock

Still think a pet raccoon is a good idea? What if I told you that if you breathe anywhere near raccoon feces, there's a good chance airborne larvae will grow into roundworms inside your body?

The nematode worm Baylisascaris procyonis (otherwise known as "raccoon roundworm") is a pathogenic parasite found in 68% to 82% of American raccoons. In humans this illness causes parasitic persistence under our skin. Oh, they can grow in other organs too, like your brain. While it used to be found only in North America, this lovely parasite is now prevalent in (you guessed it) Japan and Germany as well.

Let's not forget the host of other diseases raccoons can spread, from rabies to West Nile virus.