5 Reasons Not To Get a Pet (Rocket) Raccoon

© Perseomed/ThinkStock

As previously mentioned, the raccoons in Japan are destroying temples by chewing the wood in the buildings to make dens. They're also rotting the temple structures with their feces and urine. These temples stood for over 1,000 years until the raccoon incursion.

Worse still, Buddhist monks are spending their time fending off these fuzzy critters and with a zero tolerance policy, over 10,000 raccoons are trapped every year. By "trapped" they really mean captured and killed. It's a nasty bit of business.

One of the reasons the raccoons didn't work out as pets was they naturally become aggressive as they age. Between their sharp teeth and claws they can put up quite a fight. Their thick fur can also act as a defense against other animal attacks. But in Japan, raccoons have no natural predators, apart from human beings.