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If you've ever seen a Formula 1 race, then you know the race isn't just between cars -- it's also between pit stop crews. In seven seconds these crews perform an entire pit stop. But how does it work, and how many people does it take? Tune in to find out.

With billions of people on the planet and millions of astonishing events happening each day, it's tough to keep track of everything. Luckily, Marshall's here to keep you up-to-date with the latest news in his weekly news roundup. Tune in and learn more.

From streaming photo albums to Rebecca Black, this week has been chock-full of fascinating (or, at least in Rebecca's case, unavoidable) events. Tune in as Marshall Brain helps you catch up on the latest and most interesting news from around the world.

As the nuclear situation in Japan continues to deteriorate, Marshall explores how a similar earthquake could affect the United States. And that's not all: Tune in and catch up on the latest, most fascinating news of the past week in this podcast.

Does Chlorine Bleach Ever Expire or Go Bad? Important in emergency situations

People typically use chlorine bleach for three different things:Especially in the third situation, this question is important: Does Chlorine Bleach Ever Expire or Go Bad? The answer is Yes, absolutely. If you are keeping chlorine bleach on hand for a ...

Want to catch up on the biggest news stories of the week? If so, tune in as Marshall Brain analyzes the latest breaking news from around the world in this weekly news roundup. Tune in to learn more.

Will the USB port become a thing of the past? How far will the price of solar power fall? Join Marshall Brain as he brings you the latest world news, from the death of the Guinea worm or the growth of private space exploration.

From Jeopardy's first nonhuman contestant to the secret recipe for Coca-Cola, this week has been packed with fascinating stories. Tune in as Marshall helps you catch up on the week's most interesting news.

Each Friday, Marshall Brain brings you the latest news of the week in one handy podcast. Want to know what's shaking in the world of technology, science and more? Then tune in for a dose of BrainStuff.

What's the deal with the UFO sighting in Jerusalem? Will the high schools of the future be filled with telepresence robots? Tune in and join Marshall Brain as he reviews the week's most fascinating news.

How to make olive oil

Most people come into contact with olives in one of three ways:But it seems odd - how can the fleshy olives found in dinners and drinks also produce oil? Here is the answer to that question:Watching that video, you can see the steps:Here is another v ...

Anti-reflective coatings are used to eliminate any light reflective off the back of the lenses. Learn about anti-reflective coatings in this BrainStuff episode.

How to make instant snow from boiling water - if you see the trick, it is amazing

One winter I was in the airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota getting ready to fly home. I had arrived there on a flight from Rochester, Minnesota in the afternoon. As the sun set, however, there was a problem - it got so cold they closed the airport. It ...

When it came to gadgets, the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show did not disappoint. But which new products were the coolest? Tune in as Marshall Brain breaks down the latest and greatest of the CES in this podcast.

The world's easiest-to-build potato cannon (spud gun) - now combustion free!

This is a classic HowStuffWorks article that describes the construction and operation of the traditional potato cannon:How Spud Guns WorkThe traditional potato cannon is a combustion device - it uses hairspray as its fuel and the spark unit from an T ...

Why use a humidifier in your home - The advantages of humidifiers in the winter

We have a home humidifier sitting in the living room of the Brain household. It happens to be the older version of This morning is a typical winter morning (at least this year) in North Carolina. It is bright, clear, 23 degrees F outside and very dry ...

Modern warfare has expanded beyond its tradtional venues and tactics, infiltrating the world of cyberspace. In this episode, Marshall discusses the many forms of cyber warfare, from computer hacking to viruses.

In the 1860s, the Homestead Act provided free land to settlers. Is there anything like that in 2010? In this episode, Marshall explains why and how it's possible to acquire land and houses for free -- or really cheaply -- in the United States today.

We see insulation all around us. Most mammals are covered in fur, which is one of nature's forms of insulation (blubber is another). When you go outside on a cold winter day, you put on a coat, which is fashionable insulation. As a general rule, the ...

You Asked:How does a helicopter move forward? --- E. K., Mechanicsville, Va.Marshall Brain Answers:The basic idea that lets a helicopter hover in the air is easy to understand. Basically you take a pair of For this to work you need to add one thing. ...