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How Does Agoraphobia Work?

Agoraphobia is a complicated and difficult psychological condition that is easily misunderstood. Learn about life with agoraphobia in this episode of BrainStuff. See more »

How Do Fire Extinguishers Work?

Fire extinguishers are nearly ubiquitous, and they can be an invaluable, life-saving device. But what’s inside those little red cylinders, and how does it stop a fire? See more »

Do Juice Cleanses Work?

Juice cleanses are all the rage. But do they actually provide any health benefits? Christian explains. See more »

What Is The Dwarf Planet Ceres?

What Is The Dwarf Planet Ceres? See more »

Why Does Coffee Make You Have To Poop?

Christian explains why coffee makes many people have to go to the bathroom. See more »

How Does The Placebo Effect Work?

A placebo is a phony drug used to test the efficacy of real drugs in clinical trials… but here’s the weird part. Sometimes, placebos can make patients better. How? Why? See more »

How Do Antiperspirants Work?

Every day, millions of people safeguard themselves against excessive sweat with a quick roll of antiperspirant. But what does this stuff do, exactly? See more »

Can You Reach The End of a Rainbow?

The end of the rainbow may be the best place to raid a leprechaun stash, but it proves a strangely difficult destination to reach. Christian explains why you can’t get there, and why there really isn’t even a a “there” there. See more »

Why Are Some People Afraid of Clowns?

Clowns are usually brightly-colored, goofy, raucous characters designed to be the life of any party. However, it’s no secret that they’re not universally adored. In fact, some people find clowns downright frightening. But why? See more »

Is a "Dog Year" Really 7 Years?

You may have heard that dogs age differently than humans. But is it true? Get the facts on your pooch without having that ever-awkward “so… how old are you really?” conversation. See more »