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The Best of BrainStuff 2014

Here it is! At 19 episodes and just over an hour of entertainment we've got wasps, guns, cats and more for you to learn about! Featuring all our core hosts, this playlist collects all our most popular episodes... and a few of our personal favorites y ... See more »

Harpooning Space Trash, Comets and Asteroids

When Space harpoons are mainly in development to help We don't think about it often, but we rely on space for amenities like GPS, television signals and weather forecasts. Rogue space debris can collide with the satellites that maintain these service ... See more »

"Holy Smokin' Toledoes..." Volcano Sonic Boom!

Earlier this week a video (above) recorded by a guy named Phil McNamara went viral because it caught the active Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea erupting with a massive explosion. The shock wave visibly approaches and a voice off camera says, &qu ... See more »

Louis CK, Robin Williams and the "Rules" of Humor

The day after Robin Williams died I turned on Netflix and randomly chose an episode of Louis CK's eponymous show to watch. What loaded was "Barney," the beginning half of season 3, episode 6, where Louie (coincidentally for me) attends a fu ... See more »

Why Aren't Medical Authorities Giving Africa a Potential Cure for Ebola?

Since two Americans with Ebola were flown into Atlanta last week, I've been receiving messages from my family. They want to know if my wife and I are safe since the Emory hospital the victims are being treated at is five miles away from our home. The ... See more »

The Secret Service: Agents vs. Fraud

Earlier this week, one of the most popular searched stories on Google was about how The U.S. Secret Service spent a year gathering evidence on Nida before moving in. I'll admit ignorance on this; I thought the Secret Service solely provided protectio ... See more »

Sports Build Confidence In Amputees

The full fever of soccer/football has struck America this week. Today I heard a woman behind me exclaim, "Isn't it great that this World Cup thing's got everybody so patriotic and stuff?" I think what she meant was that she enjoyed the bond ... See more »

Why Do People Perform DDoS Attacks?

When Evernote, Feedly and TweetDeck went down simultaneously last week, you could feel the fear kick in across the web. Most of these services were back up shortly, but Feedly took awhile longer, Let's first quickly establish what a DDoS is. My colle ... See more »

How to Wipe the Mind and Restore Its Memories

My worst nightmare is something like Wolverine's origin story... my memories of everything I've done up until this point are completely erased by evil scientists. I don't remember my wife, my pets or even that horrible thing I did in high school to m ... See more »

The Avengers of HowStuffWorks

Internally we've always referred to BrainStuff as the Avengers of HowStuffWorks. This is where our mightiest video hosts team-up to explore -- and explain -- the everyday science of the world around us. Meet each member of our current roster and check out the other shows they write, host and podcast. See more »