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 Why the Sky is Blue?

As sunlight passes through the atmosphere, particles in the air scatter blue light more efficiently than any other color in the light spectrum, creating a blue sky. Learn more about the sky and light in this Brainstuff podcast. See more »

 How Radiation Works

Although most people are frightened by radiation, the truth is we are irradiated every day, both from cosmic rays in the sky, and radioactive elements in the ground. Learn more about radiation in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 What is the Difference Between a Carat and a Karat?

Carats are used for diamonds, while karats are used for gold. Learn more about the difference between carats and karats in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Perceiving Earth as a Sphere Works

Is there any way that people could know the world is sphere while standing on the earth? Learn more about perceiving earth as a sphere in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Flatulance Works

Learn about the causes of gas (flatulence) in this podcast from Marshall Brain. See more »

 How Leap Years Work

A normal calendar years is 365 days long, but the earth actually takes 365.2422 days to completely orbit the sun. Learn more about leap years in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Red Eyes in Photographs Work

The flash of a camera is bright enough to cause a reflection off the human retina -- the red we see in these photos comes from the blood vessels in the eye. Learn more about red eyes and cameras in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 What is the Fastest Computer in the World?

Although the speed of computers is growing exponentially, the human brain may handle roughly ten quadrillion instructions per second. Learn more about the world's fastest computer in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Do Vitamins Work?

A vitamin is a small molecule the body needs but cannot manufacture on its own. Learn more about vitamins in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Nanosolar Works

A company named Nanosolar is shaking up the alternative energy industry by offering solar technology at the lowest prices in history -- even cheaper than energy derived from coal. Learn more about Nanosolar in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Ultra Hi-Def Works

A standard HD screen has roughly 2 million pixels per frame -- but an ultra HD has four times that resolution. Learn more about ultra hi-definition in this HowStuffWorks podcast. See more »

 How Stealth Technology Work

Shaping an airplane a certain way -- or using materials that absorb radar waves -- causes a stealth aircraft to have the signature of a small bird, rather than an airplane. See more »

 Good question: Why do athletes have a slow heart rate compared to couch potatoes?

If you have a friend who runs marathons, you know that he/she has a "low resting heart rate". What this means is that, when your friend is sitting on the couch watching TV, his/her heart beats much more slowly than the heart of a "norm ... See more »